OpenFL-based palette editor
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An OpenFL-based, crossplatform palette editing tool

Candid Palette is a full-featured palette editor. Use it to create palettes for anything you may need: art, web design, etc. Palette also offers the ability to easily create palettes using pre-exising images. Either select just the colors you need, or generate a palette sorted by the most frequent colors. You can also export palettes for use in other programs such as Aseprite, Paint.NET, and (coming soon) Candid Editor.


  • Update lithium framework
  • Allow colors to be re-ordered and deleted


(These instructions assume that you are new to the Haxe scene, so they may seem a little redundant for some.)

Palette depends on the latest versions of OpenFL and Lime. To install these, run haxelib install openfl and haxelib install lime. Afterwards, run haxelib run lime setup and haxelib run openfl setup to make sure the commandline tools as well as any extra dependencies for the two are installed.

To build and run Palette from source, cd to the root of the project (where project.xml is located) and run the command that corresponds to your platform:

  • lime test mac - requires that you have Xcode installed
  • lime test linux - requires that you have g++ installed
  • lime test windows - requires that you have Visual Studio installed with C++/Win32 support

You can also achieve a faster compile time at the cost of performance by running lime test neko. Additionally, substitute test with build for the above commands to build without running afterward.


It may work with older versions of the following, however it is required you use at least these versions if you wish to contribute:

  • Haxe: 4.0.0
  • OpenFL: 8.9.5
  • Lime: 7.6.3
  • Actuate: 1.8.9